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Choose Jamex UPVC Doors and Windows and Save Money

Choose Jamex UPVC Doors and Windows and Save Money

The rising cost of electricity bothers individuals and institutions. Air conditioners in the summer and radiators in the winter have become essential equipment, and their contribution to the electricity bills is maximum. To keep the bill low, people take many steps; how to invest in energy efficient appliances and keep them to a minimum. Even the government is encouraging manufacturers to make energy-efficient appliances. 

At the same time, the consumer is informed of the benefits of saving energy. Massive awareness campaigns are launched. But few people notice the fact that the biggest loss of energy occurs through doors and windows. Even if closed, there are enough spaces and holes, despite a good finish and good material. This results in a loss of energy, which means that you pay for the electricity consumption that, in fact, is lost for doors and windows. Finally, you end up paying exorbitant electricity bills. JAMEX uPVC windows offer an elegant way to save up on your electricity bills.

Isolating doors and windows from heat transfer is not the only concern of modern buildings. They must also be resistant to rain. We want to enjoy the rain and storms in the comfort of our four walls. Not even a drop of water should penetrate beyond the window into our room.

Another aspiration that we look for in windows is that it must be resistant to rust and deterioration and have a long service life. This excludes iron, which in any case is never a good choice. Aluminum has a chance to some extent, but it doesn’t meet expectations when viewed as a whole.

Is upvc sustainable ?
Yes. upvc sustainable and eco-friendly upvc doors and windows. upvc uses are now widely recognised as a sustainable option for the home improvement and construction industry.

Today, we live and work in huge buildings, where windows and doors must with stand an extremely high wind load compared to houses on the ground floor. This means that the window material must be strong enough to withstand very high wind pressure.

UPVC doors and windows offer undeniable aesthetic advantages, discreetly adapting to all architectures. One of the greatest strengths of JAMEX uPVC doors and windows is that this material does not suffer from the effects of time. Very solid, rarely subject to wear and requires very little maintenance, if you need it. Without an electrostatic effect, the JAMEX uPVC doors and windows do not retain dust and do not get dirty, which means that there is no intense washing. 

JAMEX UPVC doors and windows are highly refined versions of polyvinyl chloride, which has revolutionized modern window space. However, creating door and window frames from this material, which meets the high demands of modern life and life, is not as simple as it seems. This requires a very high level of technology, research and technical precision. 

JAMEX UPVC solutions are here to stay because of their strength, usefulness and beauty. It has become the first choice of architects and builders. UPVC doors and windows are ecological products that help preserve our forests and the environment, being a better substitute for wood. UPVC’s door and window solutions compete. The main world-class brands are strongly incorporated in terms of research, quality maintenance, innovation and technical precision. JAMEX UPVC is an Indian brand in the field of fenestration comparable to the best in the world.


The Advantages of JAMEX UPVC doors and windows.



The window frame plays a decisive role in energy and economic insulation. Compared to PVC doors and windows: extremely efficient, high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly. PVC or aluminum windows, PVC window profiles offer better insulation values   and therefore lower energy and heating costs. Particularly high savings potential is achieved with PVC window frames with individual apartments or houses. Today, these residential windows can be manufactured with modern PVC and triple-glazed profiles, which are currently selling very effectively for their cheap price and make perfect sense when buying residential windows.



UPVC windows and doors offer significant cost advantages, both for purchase and for the entire life cycle. The price of wooden frames is approximately 20 to 30% higher than that of PVC profiles, while aluminum windows are an even more expensive alternative, with an added value of 30%. Thanks to the great energy saving potential and the practically maintenance-free life of more than 50 years, it is possible to reduce costs, even in the long term, when you buy PVC windows.



High-quality PVC windows are extremely easy to maintain and require little maintenance. On the other hand, wooden windows, for example, should be treated every two years and varnished every 5 years. Modern uPVC granules, on the other hand, are extremely resistant to weather and light. When cleaning window frames, a simple detergent solution is sufficient, as the smooth surfaces of the profiles facilitate maintenance.



UPVC windows are particularly durable. Unlike wooden windows, PVC windows offer a very long service life. High-quality windows have been convincing by their resistance to torsion and their excellent functionality for many years. Due to their long useful life of at least 50 years, uPVC windows represent an exemplary investment, also to maintain the value of properties. In other words, if you choose JAMEX uPVC doors and windows, you will get your money’s worth since you will not need to change the door window for 10 or even the next 20 years.