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uPVC Patio Door Features and Specifications

uPVC Patio Door Features and Specifications | Jamex uPVC

With regards to uPVC windows and doors, picking the correct ones for your house is very important. A patio doorway is unquestionably one of the best decisions with regards to picking an outer doorway. There are many front doorways and secondary passages to browse out there, however patio doorways really work unimaginably well for both. They look incredible, and function admirably in pretty much any cutting edge, contemporary home.

All uPVC doorways, including uPVC patio doorways, are simple enough to keep up. The uPVC outline is effectively cleaned with foamy water or cleanser (blended with water). Patio doorways will in general have a great deal of glass, which can be effectively cleaned on the all-around utilizing a standard off-the-rack window cleaner, regardless of whether it be a splash or a cleanser. It’s very justified, despite all the trouble, since you’ll be left with a pleasant and clean sparkle to your patio doorways.

Patio entryways are essential to most homes since it’s the principal thing somebody sees as they approach your home. UPVC entryways look in the same class as they are practical, so there’s unquestionably not an issue in the event that you use uPVC patio doors at the front of your home. It can really increase the value of your home, also they work splendidly well for keeping in warmth and letting in characteristic light. We as a whole need to get a good deal on our elevctricity charges, isn’t that so?

UPVC windows and entryways are additionally known for their solid security. A robber will have one hell of a vocation prying open any uPVC doorways, because of their upgraded lock components and the quality of the material. Indeed, even with open windows, they regularly can’t be opened sufficiently wide to fit through without flicking an internal lock. More or less, in case you’re taking a gander at front entryways, certainly go for patio doors. They are as practical as any uPVC entryways yet surely look the best.

Smooth and space-sparing, sliding patio doors let the light and natural air stream into your home. Smooth to open and close, you can browse aluminum or uPVC patio doorways in a wide scope of hues. They’re vitality productive and secure.


Pocket friendly

Our sliding aluminum and uPVC patio doors are a contemporary, jazzy and space sparing approach to convey you closer to your greenery enclosure. The entryways slide open effectively to make the ideal passageway in summer climate, keeping you warm with unrivaled protection in the winter.

  • Customized to your detail to supplement the vibe of your home
  • Superior security – fitted with Yale hostile to knock, against pick and hostile to penetrate locks
  • Unrivaled dimensions of warm execution from the vitality effective fixed glass units

Jamex can enable you to discover the patio doors you’re searching for to suit your home’s extraordinary style. One of our fashioners will visit you at home to give you master guidance custom fitted to your particular conditions.

Make your uPVC or aluminum sliding patio doorways novel to your home by picking the style, shading, glass alternative and ornamental glass impacts. When you’ve chosen your optimal patio entryways, our fashioner will measure up and give you a precise statement.



Patio doors are accessible in two, three or four board styles with a decision of which sheets slide, and in what heading. There is a decision of casing profiles, handle styles and edge choices. There are at any rate 19 distinct colours and shades to browse. Beautiful wood grain completes are additionally accessible. In the event that you require a sliding patio way to another or existing patio, we can furnish our entryways with mid rails and implicit letterboxes.



The UPVC profiles are strengthened with steel to give additional quality and inflexibility. Multi point locking is provided as standard. Our entryways accompany hostile to knock barrels as standard which is a significant security highlight. A high security interlock between the sliding leaves anticipates them being priced separated in constrained passage.

Our sliding patio entryways accompany the present PAS 24:2012 security rating. This is the most recent standard intended to withstand continued manual assault. The entryways are likewise upheld at each corner by methods for a full stature security keep rail. Coating and other entryway gaskets are all around safely attached to give tight fixing and astounding climate opposition.



  • Thin 86mm external casing decreasing mortar cut yet when supplanting old patio doors
  • Sliding boards within the track for extra security
  • Wide selection of hues and wraps up
  • Six point locking framework
  • Multi chamber profiles for warm execution
  • Designed folding alternative to coordinate standard PVC-u windows