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Here’s a quick rundown of what Jamex is all about.

About Jamex

Jamex uPVC, a Kelvin Craft Industries trademark, was founded in 2014. Being one of the leading businesses in the industry, Kelvin Craft Industries is dedicated to providing nothing but sheer excellence with its unique products and services. As a result, Jamex, a brand within KCI, is committed to delivering its customers with the greatest and most unique experience possible. It offers a large variety of uPVC doors and windows perfect for the modern-day buildings.

Jamex window & door manufacturer in Hyderabad started their very first fabrication unit started in the year 2014 and we are now a proud brand with two fabricating plants and in association with almost 110 channel partners. Spread over more than 30 locations in India, Jamex has continued to serve its customers products that are expertly designed and manufactured with global technology. Having said that, KCI has also collaborated with Dimex, a German brand dealing with extrusion of the uPVC profiles. Dimex, a brand with an experience of more than 80 years, is a world leader when it comes to extrusion of uPVC Profiles. We are proud to be associated with them and have its brand rights in India.

Environment’s well-being has been at the heart of Jamex. Thus, the doors and windows, at the forefront of the fenestration market are fabricated using unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) which in fact are the perfect alternative to wood. However, uPVC is the most preferred window framing material across the world.

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Our central goal is to enhance customer knowledge of uPVC among our clients and teach them on its advantages. It is our mission to give our clients with the most eco-friendly and fair items conceivable, permitting them to design the homes and workplaces of their dreams.


Our vision is to turn into India’s driving uPVC maker while likewise laying down a good foundation for ourselves in the global market. To compete on the global market, we’ve always focused on collaborating and commemorating global technology with our products.

Our Manufacturing plants

We swell with pride while announcing that we are the strong disciple’s of world-class quality standards. Each product is conceptualized from the foundation. Beginning with choosing the raw material to final culmination, our unwavering zest for excellence and quality grabs us the position of best UPVC Doors & Windows manufacturers in India.

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