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Types of Doors

Doors can enhance or mar the appearance of a home or office. If you require a balcony door, an internal door, or any other sort of door, Jamex uPVC doors are your best option. Jamex is a uPVC door and windows manufacturer & supplier all over India Jamex has a wide range of doors to choose from, including casement doors, sliding folding doors, and more. These have one-of-a-kind designs and are offered in a multitude of colours, making them the desirable combination of beauty and high quality.

Casement Doors samples from India's best uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturer's

Casement Doors

Nothing compares to Jamex’s Casement doors in terms of appearance and functionality. These doors would look great in rooms with a view, on a terrace, or even in corporate offices. Jamex Casement doors are manufactured of only the best materials and come in a variety of designs and colours, making us one of the top manufacturers of uPVC Casement doors.

French Doors | India's best uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturer's | Jamex upvc

French Doors

Modern dwellings necessitate modern doors. Jamex French doors are a good match for you. They aren’t just any glass doors; they have a touch of modernity that we all require. French doors are ideal for garden entrances, lawns, or separating two interior spaces while yet feeling linked. Sound insulation, energy efficiency, and versatility are just a few of the many advantages that Jamex French doors provide.

Sliding Doors

Jamex’s uPVC sliding doors are both stylish and burly. These sliding doors, which have two or more sashes, are simple to maintain and offer a variety of other advantages. They’re resistant to heat and sound, as well as rain and give ultimate security. The best uPVC sliding doors to utilise for balconies or corporate workplaces are Jamex’s uPVC sliding doors, which have a really appealing appearance.

Sliding Folding Doors | India's best uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturer's | Jamex upvc

Sliding Folding Doors

Jamex uPVC sliding folding doors are one of the Jamex products that will make your home stand out. These doors are ideal for usage in compact homes since they conserve space, provide unrestricted open space, and are incredibly trendy. Not only homes, these doors stand out even in commercial spaces such as Banquet halls, Clubs, hotels etc, as they help you segregate space as you need. These doors are handcrafted with extreme care to give you the aesthetic you’ve always wanted.

Lift and slide doors

Jamex’s uPVC lift and slide doors are one of the most appealing options available. These doors have a flooring level frame and are best suited for very big apertures. They have one permanent panel and the remaining panels can be adjusted to the customer’s specifications. Jamex’s gorgeous door collection is simple to operate, sound insulating, and energy efficient. They’re also available in a wide range of colours and styles.