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Jamex brings you its exquisite variety of worldly uPVC windows.

Types of Windows

Jamex being a uPVC window manufacturer and supplier in India brings you an exquisite line of windows designed with the vision to transform the appearance of your houses and offices. You can keep out noise, dust, rain, and pollution while also controlling your rising energy expenses with the correct window design for your home. We provide cutting-edge uPVC window designs that cover the most common window kinds, including sliders and casement windows.

Casement Windows | Bay Windows | upvc windows doors manufacturer

Casement Windows

The most preferred variety of windows, casement windows are energy-efficient and come in a multitude of designs and colour options. One or more side hinges secure the window pane to the frame in this style. A casement window can open inwards and outwards, to the left and right, allowing optimum air flow into the room.


French Windows

Beautifully designed and perfectly functional, Jamex uPVC French Doors are best suited for upper floors of properties which have impressive views. While French windows are similar to ordinary casement windows in that they are hinged on one side only to the window frame, they do not have a central post or mullion.

SLIDING DOORS | Jamex - India's best uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturer's

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are made up of two or more horizontal sashes with rollers at the bottom to allow for smooth sideward track movement. These windows are simple to operate and provide a lot of ventilation as well as panoramic views. You may also use uPVC sliding glass doors on your balcony, in your kitchen, or anywhere else in your home to give it a lovely facelift.

Sliding folding Doors | upc doors suppliers Hyderabad

Sliding Folding Windows

Jamex uPVC sliding folding windows are one of the Jamex items that will add character to your home. Because they save space, allow unrestricted open space, and are quite fashionable, these windows are suitable for use in small homes. The best part about these windows is that the windows are completely customizable as you desire.

Monorail sliding windows | upvc Doors and windows manufacture


Monorail windows are featured among Jamex’s extensive line of uPVC windows, which are specifically designed for modern dwellings. These windows are a hybrid of casement and sliding windows, with one side fixed and the other sliding, and are best suited for high-rise buildings, schools, and bedrooms. Jamex uPVC monorail windows are cost-effective, elegant, and have a high wind bearing capacity.

Villa Windows || uPVC Villa Windows manufacturer

Villa windows

Villa windows are known to be the only windows with a dual sash, a mosquito mesh, and a grill incorporated right into the design, making them a one-of-a-kind blend of style, elegance, and security. These windows were designed specifically for Indian bungalows and villas, and provide protection from a variety of threats, such as theft and insects, without sacrificing ventilation.

Tilt & Turn Window | upvc doors and windows manufacturer

Tilt and turn

If you are looking for versatility in your windows, we at Jamex bring to you our exclusive Tilt and Turn windows. A sash tilts and opens at a specific angle from the top, with hinges at the bottom, in this sort of window. With side hinges, the sash can also swing to the inside. Tilt and turn windows are stylish because of their cutting-edge design. As a result, whether the tilt and turn window is huge or tiny, it will have an aesthetically pleasing appearance along with the benefit of controlled ventilation.

Bay Window | upvc doors and windows manufacturer in india

Bay windows

A combination of three or more windows that are pushed outwards from the main wall, making a bay in a room, is referred to as a bay window design. A bay window gives a room a sense of luxury. Square, polygonal, semi-hexagonal, and semi-octagonal uPVC bays can all be created with these windows at Jamex. Bay windows are considered one of the most sophisticated window kinds in interior architecture because of its practicality and aesthetic features. Today’s designers have created a variety of bay window styles, each with its own distinct beauty.

Vertical sliding Windows | upvc doors and windows manufacturer

Vertical sliding windows

One of the most classic window ranges is the vertical sliding windows. Jamex’s uPVC Vertical Sliding Windows are known for their easy installation, excellent finish and easy to maintain qualities. These windows have one sash fixed to the pane and the other has a flexible vertical movement. They’re used majorly for exhaustion purposes in hotels and kitchens. But if you have a classy-retro picture of your house in your mind, these windows are the perfect choice for you to make.

Top Hung Windows | upvc doors and windows manufacturer

Top hung windows

Top Hung windows by Jamex are uPVC windows that open from the bottom and are hinged at the top. These windows provide easy ventilation and exclude the chances of rain into the space. They’re the most suitable windows for small houses. They can be installed in your pooja rooms, washrooms and kitchens.