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How uPVC doors and windows can improve the style of your house?

How uPVC doors and windows can improve the style of your house

uPVC has become a popular choice in the construction industry — whether commercial or residential. Also known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, it is rigid PVC that has become favoured due to its multiple beneficial features such as durability, low maintenance, environment-friendly, and self-extinguishing. These are often called all weather doors and windows for their weatherproof nature.

uPVC is a perfect choice if you are looking for an alternative that can keep out all the unwanted sound and can cut out all the noise. These are soundproof as well. uPVC doors and windows can be easily installed and uninstalled too.

However, among all the variants of uPVC doors and windows, the sliding doors remain the classic and all-time favourite. These do not just make space look bigger but brighter and fresher as well. There are several reasons for choosing uPVC sliding doors and windows over the other variants. We will discuss a few of them here.


Styles available in uPVC doors

• Sliding doors
• Casement doors
• Slide and fold doors


Styles available in uPVC windows

• Sliding windows
• Casement windows
• Arch windows
• Combination windows
• Tilt and turn windows
• Villa windows


Sliding uPVC doors and windows

A sliding uPVC door or window is made of two or more than two frames that can slide horizontally from left to right instead of opening in the front or the back. This gives the illusion of extra space in an enclosed area. Sliding doors and windows are the most popular form of uPVC solutions preferred by people for both residential and commercial spaces. Some of the features that make them favoured include the following.


Features and benefits of sliding uPVC doors and windows

1. The sliding doors and windows have a smooth movement, thanks to the nylon rollers at their bottom.
2. They have a particular rain track that allows a free-flowing drain system.
3. The touch lock feature of the doors and windows makes for secure locking and unlocking.
4. Sliding doors can wide open making a place look spacious, thus allowing more fresh air and sunlight.
5. The doors and windows are multi-chambered that makes them extra durable and allows better thermal conductivity.
6. There is an extra track that can be used for adding a mesh or a grill if required.
7. Like all the other uPVC solutions, these are weather and soundproof as well.
8. They feature a hurricane bar option that makes them strong enough to withstand heavy winds or storms, especially in multi-storey buildings.
9. Apart from having many features and benefits, these are also available in a number of colours, designs, and styles.
10. Adding sliding doors and windows to any interiors is the easiest way to add a touch of sophistication and style to any house.


Why choosing the right window style is important?

While providing suitable lighting and ventilation are the principal reasons why we have windows at home, their aesthetic appeal is something that cannot be overlooked at all. The most modern designs and styles that are available in windows today can completely transform the form of a particular space. More and more people are choosing to install windows of unique designs to revamp the décor of their place.

Besides giving a place a perfect makeover, a window is meant to secure a place against any kind of external factors such as noise, pollution, dust or rain.


Why choosing the right style of doors is essential?

Doors take the lead when it comes to functionality. They provide safety and security to the house apart from the necessary lighting and ventilation that is provided by the windows. Choosing the right kind of door design, especially the ones for the entrance can remarkably add to the aesthetic appeal of any house. Choosing the right style of sliding uPVC doors for your home will assure you excellent insulation, protection against dust, pollution, noise, and rain beside accentuating the beauty of your space.

You can customize the uPVC doors and windows by altering the following:


Depending on whether your house has a traditional or contemporary landscape, you can customize the uPVC doors and windows and raise its style quotient. You’ll get numerous designs and styles to select from. Some of the popular window styles are casement windows, sliding windows, and arch window, coloured and unique window. The variants available in uPVC doors include the casement doors, sliding doors and the coloured doors. Choose the option that suits the styling of your house.


The high-performing uPVC solutions are not just high on functionality but are also highly versatile. Whoever thought uPVC doors and windows look dull and boring needs to think again! These are available in a wide variety of colours and laminations so one can pick up an appropriate shade to go with the styling and interiors of the house.


The different variety of glasses also plays a significant role in the customization of uPVC doors and windows. Choose from a wide range such as tempered, frosted, lacquered and laminated and get a new look with each one of them.

Mesh or Grill

Adding a mesh orl a grill helps to add a layer of security and gives protection against external factors such as dust and pollution.


Hardware is the easiest way to accessorise a door or a window. The kind of hardware that you choose says a lot about the style quotient of a place. Choosing the right type of tool is the easiest way to customize the design of a door or a window.

When making the final choice in uPVC solutions, remember to look for a company that offers high performance, excellent after-sales service, warranty, and customisation.