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Primary reasons to install uPVC doors and Windows

Primary reasons to install uPVC doors and Windows - Jamex uPVC

uPVC or un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride has become the buzz word for anyone seeking construction or renovation of a place. The versatility of the material and problem with other available options such as wood, aluminium, and steel has brought about a steep rise in its demand. Even PVC has its own set of disadvantages that make it inappropriate for use in residential purposes.
uPVC solutions have gained tremendous popularity in recent years and have become a favourite for both, commercial as well as residential, constructions. From their durability to easy maintenance to a high level of insulation, there is a string of positive reasons to install uPVC doors and windows when renovating or constructing a new building. Besides adding functionality and style, it also positively affects the cost of the real estate.


Evils associated with other materials

One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of uPVC solutions is the problem related to other materials that are currently available. These are:

Wood: Wood as a material is very high on maintenance and requires regular care to look good and be durable. Use of wood also brings about a problem of deforestation that is an alarming issue for the environment. Since wood is an organic material, it is very susceptible to weather changes and the question of termites.

Aluminium: Aluminum is a very light-weight material and is a significant compromise on safety and security. It is also high on maintenance and can be easily stained by water which means it is also vulnerable to oxidation and corrosion.

Steel: Even though steel is not high on maintenance, it is an expensive option and unfit for a few climatic conditions as well. The installation of steel windows and doors is way tricky and costly when compared to other materials.

PVC: PVC is Polyvinyl chloride which means it is plastic. Plastic as a material is toxic and is highly undesirable especially for residential purposes. Using it can have health hazards to the residents since it releases dioxin and carcinogens. PVC is also not fire resistant.

All the issues mentioned above with different materials have made uPVC a popular choice in the construction industry. We discuss here a few advantages of using uPVC for doors and windows.


Advantages of installing uPVC doors and windows

1. uPVC solutions are the most durable option available

The galvanized steel used in the construction of uPVC doors and windows is responsible for its sustainable and sturdy nature. When compared to the other available options such as wood or aluminum, uPVC promises a long life that could last up to 50 years. They do not just have a long life, but they also stay in shape and keep looking newer for longer. So there are almost negligible chances that you will have to replace your uPVC doors or windows in your lifetime.

2. They are absolutely maintenance free

uPVC doors and windows can make your life a breeze when it comes to maintaining them. They do not require any special care like a touch of paint or varnish occasionally neither do they need termite prevention and care that is very important in case of wooden doors and windows. A simple and mild cleaning solution can be used to wipe them clean from time to time, and the lock mechanism can be oiled for easy and smooth operation.

3. uPVC doors and windows are weatherproof

Being weatherproof means there are no complaints of rotting, warping, flaking or corroding that is a common sight in wooden and aluminum doors and windows. This also means that uPVC solutions do not lose their sheen and shape and look like new for years together.

4. They provide a high level of insulation

The feature of a high level of insulation is possibly the USP of uPVC solutions. Doors and windows designed out of uPVC cut out the noise to a great extent and are a soundproof solution. This brings in a lot of peace in the atmosphere and cuts out stress as well.

5. Their installation (and removal) is trouble-free

Installing uPVC doors and windows is a straightforward job and does not require much technical expertise. Most of the times, it is just a matter of hours to get the job done. As easy as they are to install, they are equally easy to remove.

6. They are energy efficient

uPVC solutions have a high level of insulation, so the air inside the house does not escape. This means lesser power is required to cool a place making them an energy efficient option. Their easy installation, removal, and fixing also save a considerable amount of energy. According to researches, an insulated material is almost 3 times more effective in maintaining the right temperatures inside a place, when compared to the ordinary glass available.

7. They provide an added level of security and safety

If we compare uPVC doors and windows to their traditional wooden counterparts, they rate much high in providing safety and security to a place. The fact that uPVC solutions are reinforced with a layer of galvanized steel and their anti crowbar feature makes them a robust and healthy choice that is difficult to break or intrude. uPVC also has a self-extinguishing property which means it prevents a fire from spreading. It is manufactured to meet all the necessary DIN standards.

Even though uPVC has a long list of advantages, it comes with certain disadvantages too. These do not allow a free hand for customization like aluminum or wood; neither do they have the same charm and touch of sophistication that wood can lend to any place.

All said and done; one needs to figure out their priorities and then decide on whether to choose uPVC over wood and aluminum or vice versa. If you are looking for convenience and durability, uPVC will be a good choice while if you are looking for a sophisticated look, go for wood!

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