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Why buy uPVC Windows and Doors?

Why uPVC Windows and Doors? Everyone should know these Facts of uPVC

Doors and windows are not just a medium of ventilation or passage in the house. Their right designing works as a landscape to any interiors. More and more people are now choosing uPVC windows and doors for their buildings whether commercial or residential. The uPVC profile does not just make any interior life, but it also adds durability and versatility to it.


What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and is also popularly called the rigid PVC. Its popularity in the construction industry can be linked to the sustainability and durability of the material. Due to the absence of plastic (unplasticized), uPVC have properties such as rigidity and higher insulation.
In recent years, uPVC has become a popular choice for doors and windows in any kind of interiors—whether modern or traditional. It has several benefits over other materials such as aluminium and wood. We give you the top 10 reasons why you need to replace wood and aluminium with uPVC doors and windows:


Top 10 reasons to switch to uPVC Windows and Doors


1. uPVC Windows and Doors are easy to maintain

Among all the advantages of using uPVC solutions, the ease of maintaining it tops the list! In the busy lifestyle, where everyone is looking for maintenance helpful answers, uPVC windows and doors score a ten on ten over their wooden counterpart that requires a treatment every two years and a touch of varnish, every five years. They are also termite resistant. The uPVC door and window frames can be easily cleaned using a homemade cleaner, made out of liquid soap. Their smooth surfaces are easy to clean, and the granules are weather resistant.


2. They are energy efficient

The uPVC windows are much better insulated than the regular glass. This means they are much more effective in cutting out heat and maintaining cool temperatures within a premise. With a higher potential to save energy, these are a popular choice for windows in both houses as well as flats. It is believed that these insulated glasses are up to 3 times more effective in saving energy than the normal glass.


3. They promise durability

After easy maintenance, the next on the list is durability! While everyone is looking for maintenance friendly solutions, they still want durability. uPVC doors and windows are not just high on functionality, but they are a long-lasting option as well. Unlike wooden doors and windows, these can last up to 50 years or have an even longer service life. The torsion and weather resistant windows and doors are beyond durability; they are an investment that directly appreciates the value of real estate.


4. uPVC Solutions offer cost benefits

uPVC frames are an economical option when compared to both wood and aluminium. While wood frames can cost anywhere between 20 to 30% higher than the uPVC ones, aluminium is an even expensive alternative. Choosing uPVC doors and windows offers a significant benefit in the total cost.


5. There use results in long-term cost-cutting

Choosing uPVC solutions does not just offer cost benefits initially, but it also has cost-cutting benefits in the long run. Since they do not require any maintenance for about 50 years and are also an energy efficient option, they help to cut costs in the long term too. Apart from the cost of regular maintenance, they also help to save expenses on issues such as termite infestation, warping or rotting.


6. Using uPVC is an environment-friendly option

More and more people are now becoming conscious of their environment and making a conscious effort to choosing green alternatives. And this is where uPVC options gain brownie points too. These are entirely recyclable, 100% lead-free, which protects several resources in return. Out of the 40% of all the resources are used for the purpose of building, only 1% is used by uPVC.

Apart from the advantage of recycling, the maintenance-free, long life of uPVC profiles also aids in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment. They also consume much less energy during their production when compared to alternatives such as wood or aluminium.


7. They provide an added level of security

The strength and durability of uPVC doors and windows come from a layer of galvanized steel and its anti-crowbar feature. This means these doors and windows are not easy to break and cannot be forced open like a wooden door or a window. It brings about another level of safety and security to the houses.


8. uPVC doors and windows are weatherproof

Unlike wood that is prone to warping in the rainy season, uPVC doors and windows are weatherproof and stay unaffected by the different climates of the places. Their original shape and measurement remain intact and in shape for years.

For the same reason, it is considered as a durable option too. Another significant advantage is that they keep looking like new for years.


9. uPVC is self-extinguishing and thus safe

The uPVC mix uses a fire retardant that makes it self-extinguishing which means they prevent the fire from spreading across an enclosed area. This also makes them a safe option.


10. uPVC doors and windows are noise proof

Apart from the insulated glass, the uPVC doors and windows make use of a double-seal system. This can dramatically cut out the noise and create a place sound-proof.

uPVC doors and windows are also resistant to heavy winds that makes them a perfect option for residences that are located on the seaside or apartments or flats that are found in a high rise building. The doors and windows get strength from the inner frames that are made from reinforced galvanized steel.

You can have your reasons to choose uPVC – its environment-friendly property, noise cutting feature or merely easy on the pocket excuse, but it is definitely worth giving a skip to the traditional materials that have been used for years for doors and windows.