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At Jamex, we bring you 100% customizable doors and windows that suit you the best. Get an e-brochure now to know more about our products.

uPVC Doors

Jamex brings you an extravagant variety of doors that are perfect for your modern homes and offices. Our doors are sleek, stylish and long-lasting, and they flawlessly match your desires.

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uPVC Windows

Jamex offers a wide range of window options that are ideal for contemporary residences and establishments. Our windows are elegant, fashionable, and durable, and they exactly meet your taste

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uPVC Profile

Alongside being the fabricators of uPVC doors and windows, we also extrude uPVC profiles. These profiles are incredibly smart and act as the perfect frames for the new-age doors and windows.

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Our Projects and our happy clientele

Having completed more than 10,000 projects successfully, Jamex has pioneered the status of the best fabricators of uPVC doors and windows across the nation. With an intent to serve our customers only with the best, we have been able to build a family of more than 10,000 happy clients. Our success lies in their complete satisfaction.

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Jamex uPVC is India’s best uPVC manufacturer of doors & windows serving multiple benefits and unmatchable quality standards, Jamex uPVC is one of the best in the market. Our products go through multiple quality checks and holds numerous certifications to its name, which gives you a myriad of reasons to choose Jamex uPVC. The qualities listed below are what make Jamex uPVC durable and efficient.

Weather Proof

Jamex uPVC doors and windows are more weather resistant than timber doors and windows. Even in extreme weather circumstances, it does not absorb moisture and does not deform.

Antifungal and Anti-termite

Insects and termites have no effect on Jamex uPVC. It is protected from such incursions by its hard surface compound, which does not degrade like wood.

Low Maintenance

uPVC doors and windows do not need to be repaired or maintained on a regular basis. They do not rot, wrap, or corrode, making them a more cost-effective solution over time.

Thermal Insulators

The uPVC frames are created in such a way that there is no room for thermal bridging, making insulation particularly effective. It provides the option of two layered vacuumed glass panes for increased air conditioning efficiency and energy savings.

Acoustic Insulator

Sound insulation is increasingly becoming a compliance issue in many sensitive areas including hospitals. Therefore, protection against noise pollution and higher levels of privacy is ensured with Jamex uPVC.

Fire Resistant

Unlike their timber equivalents, uPVC materials used in doors and windows are fire resistant and do not support or intensify accidental fires.

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At Jamex, we bring you 100% customizable doors and windows that suit you the best. Get an e-brochure now to know more about our products. Learn more about Jamex and its products. Download our e-brochure now.

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